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Water Conservation

Fresh, clean drinking water is yours to use whenever you need it. But please don't waste it-it's too valuable. Remember that a little effort and common sense will make a big difference. Following the tips in this section can save thousands of gallons every year in every household.

View water tips for specific areas of your home by clicking on the links located on the menu at the left. You can find additional information by visiting the websites listed below.



arrow-newsite U.S. EPA Office of Water

EPA's Office of Water strongly encourages all sectors, including municipal, residential, and agricultural, to achieve efficient water use. This site contains a number of links to water conservation and water quality issues.

arrow-newsite DrinkTap.org

arrow-newsite Water Sense

Water Conservation in Your Home

Water Tips for the Bathroom

Studies show that dripping faucets and leaking toilets account for as much as 14% of all indoor water use, equivalent to 10 gallons of water lost per day!



Get to the root of water conservation--try it in your own yard. It could help you avoid getting soaked when it comes to your summer water bill.
Water Tips for the Kitchen and Laundry

Clothes washers can use as much as 30-35 gallons of water per cycle and dishwashers as much as 25 gallons per cycle. A full dishwasher is more water efficient than washing the same load by hand.

Water Tips for Maintaining a Lush Lawn


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