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Programs and Services

Moorhead Public Service works to create programs that will provide the service you need at rates you can afford.


If you have questions about a program or service offered by Moorhead Public Service, please contact us at 218.477.8000 (Option 4) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thrifty Watts®

Thrifty Watts® is a residential load management program offered by Moorhead Public Service (MPS) to qualifying residential electric customers beginning in 2012. Thrifty Watts® allows MPS to cycle your central air conditioner, or both your central air conditioner and electric water heater, on and off during periods of high electric usage in return for a credit applied to your monthly utility bill. There is no cost to the customer nor does the customer need to supply or purchase any special equipment.

Central air conditioners cycled by Thrifty Watts® will be on for approximately 12 minutes and off for approximately 12 minutes during our peak energy usage times. For allowing this cycling, MPS will credit your utility bill $9/month during the summer months of June, July, and August. For an additional credit of $3/month year-round, MPS will turn off your electric water heater for up to 4 hours per control period.

Note: Dual Fuel customers are not eligible to participate in Thrifty Watts.

For additional information and a sign-up form for Thrifty Watts, click here

Bright Energy Solutions®

Bright Energy Solutions® is a unique portfolio of energy efficient rebate incentive programs that will help you reduce your electric energy costs and operate more efficiently. Once the energy efficient equipment is installed, you'll continue to enjoy the energy savings well into the future. Click here to take advantage of these incentives today!



If you use electricity as your primary heating source, or if you are thinking about it, consider applying to the Moorhead Public Service Dual-fuel program!

A dual-fuel system uses two independent heating systems to heat your home. MPS Dual-fuel customers use electricity as the primary source of heat. Propane, oil, natural gas, or storage heat can be used as the back-up heat source. Each dual-fuel customer is furnished with a radio receiver. With this receiver, MPS can switch your home from electric heat to your back-up source of heat during peak periods when demand for electricity is highest. When you become a Dual-fuel customer, you will save 50 percent off the regular retail rate on all of the electricity that your electric heating system uses. MPS offers low interest loans and rebates to qualifying residential Dual-fuel customers to help finance upgrades to your heating system.

Residential Dual-fuel customers can also take advantage of this low rate for their electric water heating and air conditioning. Becoming a Dual-fuel customer makes "cents"! Contact Moorhead Public Service at 218-477-8000 (Option 4) or e-mail MPS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


Click here for the Dual-Fuel guidelines.

Click here for the Dual-Fuel regulations.



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