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Moorhead Public Service to Restart Involuntary Disconnections Beginning April 20, 2021

For Immediate Release on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Moorhead Public Service to Restart Involuntary Disconnections Beginning April 20, 2021

In response to the potential financial impact to individuals and businesses at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, on March 17, 2020, the Moorhead Public Service Commission (Commission) approved a temporary change to policy and took action to stop service disconnections for past due accounts until further notice.  On March 24, 2020, Moorhead Public Service (MPS) and the City of Moorhead (City) also took action to waive all reconnection fees and late payment charges until further notice. These actions were taken to allow MPS and the City to continue to provide essential services for the health and safety of all customers and residents, as well as ensure the safety of MPS employees and City employees while dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.


After March 17, 2020, MPS continued to generate and distribute monthly utility bills to customers for MPS and City services. MPS staff provided monthly updates to the Commission on the current status of past due balances. The updates also included periodic discussions regarding when to return to normal collection operations.


On February 2, 2021, the Commission approved an action to restart normal collection operations to include potential involuntary service interruptions for past due accounts beginning  April 20, 2021. In addition, the action included approving the temporary use of a Payment Plan Agreement for interested customers with past due accounts.  The action also extended waiving reconnection fees and late payment charges for electric and water services through December 31, 2021.


On February 8, 2021, the Moorhead City Council also approved the temporary use of the Payment Plan Agreement to help customers impacted by COVID-19.


Over the next 70 days, leading up to April 20, 2021, MPS will communicate with customers that have past due balances by personal letter, personal and automated phone calls, and other communication methods.  The letters and phone calls will be tailored to help guide customers to assistance agencies that receive normal and COVID-19 relief funding for heating and utility assistance, as well as provide instructions on how to enter into the Payment Plan Agreement to pay off past due utility balances for MPS and the City.




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