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Important Information for MPS Customers During a Flood Event
Release Date: Monday, April 22, 2013

Contact Information:

Bill Schwandt, General Manager
218.477.8004 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Important Information for Moorhead Public Service Customers
During a Flood Event


Moorhead Public Service (MPS) has important information for you to keep in mind during the 2013 spring flood. MPS’ goal is to continue to provide electric and water services to its customers throughout the flood. MPS will provide updates on the status of its electric and water systems via press releases through the local media. If a decision is made to disconnect power or shut the water off in a section of Moorhead that is affected by flooding, MPS will issue an official press release through the local media.

MPS will also provide updates regarding the status of its electric and water systems via www.mpsutility.com, www.twitter.com/mpsutility, www.facebook.com/mpsutility. For flood‑related information from the City of Moorhead, visit www.cityofmoorhead.com/flood.

Below is important information concerning your MPS services and what to do with those services in the event you must leave your home during a flood:

Electric Service: If you are evacuating your home and would like your power shut off, please call MPS at 218.477.8000. If you lose power without notice, please call MPS at 218.477.8000 and MPS will restore power to those affected by the outage, as long as MPS deems it safe and feasible.

Water Service: If you are evacuating your home for any reason, MPS requests that you shut off your water at the water meter inside your home. This is done by closing the shut-off valve located before the water meter. If you are unable to shut off the water inside your home or are unable to locate your shut-off valve, please call MPS at 218.477.8000.

Portable Generators: MPS would like to remind you to be safe when using portable generators. If you have questions or concerns on the use, wiring, or operation of a portable generator, please call an electrician. A fact sheet on portable generator safety from the U.S. Fire Administration is available on MPS’ Web site at www.mpsutility.com (click on the Flood banner).


MPS is a community-owned utility serving the residents of Moorhead, Minnesota, with electricity and water.



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