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Energy Services

Moorhead Public Service can help you lighten your load. We will energize your business or agency with tools that reduce your energy bills. MPS can reduce operating costs, trim maintenance costs, and improve productivity. Our Energy Service experts will answer your questions and help you get started.

MPS Energy Services Manager

dennis_eisenbraun-esmIf you have any questions about energy use in your business, or ways to reduce energy usage, please contact our Energy Services Manager Dennis Eisenbraun. Click Here for Dennis' contact information.

Bright Energy Solutions


Bright Energy Solutions® is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help you reduce your electric energy costs and operate more efficiently. Once the energy efficient equipment is installed, you'll continue to enjoy the energy savings well into the future. Take advantage of these incentives today!

The Moorhead Public Service Questline® service

Free of charge, current Moorhead Public Service commercial and industrial customers can use and access the Questline® service. The Questline® service includes a Technical and Business " Ask An Expert" Hotline (one-to-one access to engineers and industry and business experts), proprietary information databases and libraries (including benchmark and targeted research tools), and monthly informational and resource-rich Newsletter.


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