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Moorhead Public Service is located on the second floor of City Hall, 500 Center Avenue, in the Moorhead Center Mall. Our office hours are 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday thru Friday.

If you have questions about your account, a high bill, or are preparing to move soon, please contact us. Our phone number is 218-477-8000 (Option 4) and our e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Account Services from Moorhead Public Service:

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule


Notice of Residential Customer Rights and Possible Assistance


The Minnesota Legislature and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission have issued a Cold Weather Rule which applies to certain residential customers from October 15 through April 15.

This notice is to inform customers about their rights and responsibilities under the Cold Weather Rule. These rights and responsibilities are designed to help customers with winter utility bills. You must act PROMPTLY! If you choose not to assert your rights or choose not to enter into a mutually acceptable payment schedule, your service may be disconnected.

Specifically, the Cold Weather Rule provides customers with these rights and responsibilities:

Inability to Pay:

You have the Right to declare the Inability to Pay your utility bill. If you do so AND if you have entered into a mutually agreed-upon payment schedule with Moorhead Public Service (MPS), the service affecting your primary heat source will not be disconnected for nonpayment of your bill. However, MPS may appeal this declaration of Inability to Pay to the Moorhead Public Service Commission (PSC), at which time you will need to provide the PSC with proof that you are unable to pay. Your service cannot be disconnected until this appeal is resolved.

You have the Responsibility, if you choose to declare the Inability to Pay, complete the Inability to Pay form and return it to MPS within 20 days. If you have proof that you are receiving any form of public assistance, you do not need to fill out the Inability to Pay form. Instead, you must provide MPS with proof that you are currently receiving public assistance. Upon providing proof of the Inability to Pay, the customer is also responsible for contacting MPS to arrange a mutually agreed-upon payment plan.

Payment Schedule:

You have the Right to enter into a mutually acceptable payment schedule with MPS. This payment schedule will cover the existing amount due plus the estimated usage during the payment schedule period. If you are able to pay, but still wish to enter into a payment schedule, please contact MPS at 218-477-8000 to make arrangements.

You have the Responsibility of making payments as agreed or promptly notifying MPS why you cannot keep the agreement. You may then request that the original payment schedule be changed. Any changes in the payment schedule are subject to MPS' approval.

Budget Counseling:

You have the Responsibility to receive budget counseling from the local energy assistance provider or other financial counseling organizations. Some of these agencies are listed on the reverse side.

Disputes regarding the previously listed options can be appealed to the PSC.


If you need assistance paying your gas or electric bills, you may qualify for state or federal energy assistance. To determine if you qualify and to receive application information, please contact one of the following organizations.

Clay County Social Services

Salvation Army HeatShare

West Central Minnesota Communities Action


Opening or Closing Your Account

Opening Your Account

To start new service, please call our customer service representatives at 218-477-8000 (Option 4) or visit the utility office located on the second floor of City Hall (located in the Moorhead Center Mall at 500 Center Avenue) between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday-Friday.

To activate your account, we'll need your name, social security number, the address you're moving into, phone, and the move-in/start date. Your first bill will include a set-up fee of $15.00 to cover the cost of starting service at the new address. This charge applies to both new customers and customers who change addresses within our service area.


In most cases, Moorhead Public Service does not require a deposit to open an account. Deposits will be required from customers who are a proven credit risk.

Closing Your Account

To close your account, please call us at least a day or two before you move. We'll need your present address, last day of service, and a forwarding address for mailing your final bill. Any deposit to be refunded will be credited toward your final bill.


Are you enrolled in myMPSbill.com?  Enrolling in myMPSbill.com has several account services benefits, including helping you through the moving process. You can use myMPSbill.com if you:

  • Are moving out of your current address and into a new home within Moorhead.
  • Are moving out of your current address and need to have your account closed.
  • Have purchased a second property in Moorhead and would like to have service setup.

Log into your account, or create a new account with myMPSbill.com today!

Paying Your Bill

Moorhead Public Service wants bill payments to be as quick and easy for customers as possible. That's why we offer several different payment methods and locations for paying your bill. If you have any questions about where or how to pay your bill, contact us by phone at 218-477-8000 (Option 4) or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


When is my bill due?

Bills are due 24 days after the issue date of the bill. Billing dates vary depending on the day we read your meter. The due date is printed in the lower-right portion of your bill. If payment is not received by the date shown on the bill, you will be assessed a late charge of 5 percent of the current amount due.


Pay your bill in person at:

Moorhead City Hall, Second Floor
Office Hours Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm (excluding Holidays)
Located on the Second Floor of Moorhead City Hall at 500 Center Avenue in the Moorhead Center Mall


Drop your payment off at:

Moorhead Center Mall - the silver box on the brick wall - just inside the mall's automatic doors on the north side near the City Hall elevators
500 Center Avenue
Moorhead, MN


Mail your payment to:

Moorhead Public Service
P.O. Box 779
Moorhead, MN 56561-0779


Pay your bill on-line at:

www.myMPSbill.com. You can pay your bill online at myMPSbill.com using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check (subject to a processing fee). You can create an account or simply pay once using the "Pay Now" button.


Have your bill paid automatically:

Sign up for our Automatic Payment Plan and have your bill automatically paid from your checking or savings account on your due date each month!

Automatic Payment

Sign up for our Automatic Payment Plan and have your bill automatically
paid from your checking or savings account on your due date each month!

Remove the stress of misplaced or late utility bill payments with Moorhead Public Service's "AutoPay" program. No more writing checks, rummaging for stamps, or rushing to get your payment in on time!

How does it work?

You'll receive your Moorhead Public Service (MPS) bill as usual, but your bank will automatically deduct the bill from your account approximately 24 to 26 days after the billing date shown on your bill. You'll know that your AutoPay account is active once you see the word "AUTOPAY" listed above the amount due. Underneath the amount due for each month, you'll find the date that the amount will be deducted from your bank account. It's that simple!

Signing up is easy, too!

Just fill out the Authorization for Automatic Payments form and return it to MPS. If your payment will be deducted from a checking account, staple a blank check with "VOID" written across it on your authorization form. If you'd like your payment deducted from a savings account, staple a deposit slip with your account number on it to your authorization form. Just remember to keep paying your bill until your bill reflects that your AutoPay account has been activated.

Once your paperwork's done, you won't have to lift a finger to pay your MPS bill, AutoPay will do it for you!

Autopayment Form

Equalized Billing

With the Moorhead Public Service Equalized Billing, there is no need to worry about what amount you pay every month for utility services. You'll know in advance and can budget for the year because you'll pay the same amount each month. The Equalized Billing Plan levels out your utility bills over a 12-month period.

How does it work?

We average your past utility bills, while taking into account rate changes and higher energy and water use during certain seasons. That gives us your monthly Equalized Billing amount. You'll still receive an MPS bill each month so you can tell how much electricity and water you're using, but you pay only the Equalized Billing amount.

Occasionally, we may adjust your Equalized Billing plan to reflect changes in your electric and water use halfway through your Equalized Billing year. Additionally, we will reconcile your account annually, which will result in either a balance or credit due. Credit amounts are automatically rolled forward into your Equalized Billing plan for the following year.

How long does it last?

When you sign up for Equalized Billing, it continues each year until you tell us that you no longer want to participate. If you sign up and later decide that Equalized Billing is not for you, just call MPS and we'll take you off the program. Keep in mind that if you stop participating in the program, it will be another 12 months until you can reapply for it.

Sign up now!

Call 218-477-8000 (Option 4) to request an application, or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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